Epal Valley // EV

Epal Valley is a small software team in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. EV starts from a freelancer during studies and now working on various project.

EV provided our clients with personalized service and attention. Since we're small, we're working so fast and efficient.

Background Story

Who start EV

Aizzat is a developer from Malaysia. He had done several businesses before he started doing freelance as a full time such as VPN services, retail product, and flip market. He is very passionate in the art of making money.

He believes, the website should not only state in the business card, but it should also be your money machine. Having a certificate in Actuarial science and computer science make he as a developer with good in processing data.

He started doing freelance seriously after finished college and started working with several agencies to gain the experience. Now, he’s running his own tech consultant business full time.

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