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I teams up with non-technical founders or CEO to build a website or application for your business.

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Need a technical person in your team.

Looking for advice on how to improve your website.

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Software agency looking for exta man power.

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How I can help you

Website Development

We build a website, user interface, and web based application. Our focus is to make sure your customer happy.

Technical Consultant

I'll be a part of your team and working on technical part. Build a MVP for your business and build a software for internal system

Product Roadmap

We'll discuss together and transform the idea in your head and come out with step by step needed to launch your MVP. It will include wireframe, user flow diagram, backend API, cost and timeline

Aizzat is a well rounded developer that understands UI. He's very pro-active in coming up with good solutions and implementing solutions using tech. His motivation is a great asset - he's 'hungry' and eager to learn new things. I highly recommend Aizzat for web development projects. I'd gladly hire him for future projects given the opportunity.

Matthew Joseph Martin

Founder & CEO @ Blossom Finance

Hi 👋🏻, I’m Jakz!

I’m a Full Stack Developer specialised in helping B2B use their website to provide business solution and lead to generate more revenue.

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